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As a charity we rely on donations to maintain our buildings and to continue to support and develop our vision for the wider community. 

Regular Giving
Regular donations give us security to plan and deliver exciting and innovative ways to strengthen and support the local community.

One off Donations

You can make a donation very easily online. Click the button below to access our donation page - make sure you have your card details ready!

You can also donate when visiting the building using our “tap donate” machines. They work using contactless technology, so all you need is your payment card. Tap in your amount and tap your card


Why We need New Chairs

* Our current chairs are over 30 years old

* They're uncomfortable and stained

* They're heavy to move, don't stack, and damage the floors

* They don't present a good image

How You Can Help

Our target is to buy 400 chairs, and each chair costs £99. Every contribution counts, whether it's £9 or £99. Your generosity will directly impact everyone who uses the the Lantern Centre.

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